The letter for the traveler

Dearest Guest,

Welcome to our small parallel universe: you are about to enter the passageway that separates Maison Matilda from the real world, through an austere and discreet door that awaits you beneath the arcades of the centre of Treviso.

The Cathedral is less than five minutes away, a lazy strolling away, nestling among ancient houses and palaces sumptuously poised between a glorious past and a silent present.

It is this very silence that welcomes guests: the green door opens with a sharp click to give access to a passageway that, like a bridge, seems to join two realities: step by step Maison Matilda reveals itself, enveloping the guest with a haze of perfumes, and glimpses of details reminiscent of a journey through time as well as space.

It is here that the past meets the future, in a dimension suspended between journey and memory, where strictly European atmospheres abandon themselves to exotic pleasures in a mosaic of travel souvenirs, salvaged industrial items and fine period furnishings.

Light is the protagonist both in its presence and in its absence.

The light of the lamps given a new lease of life guides the eye and the step towards the spaces that guests can share: the large living room with the preserved original staircase and its fireplace dominated by the golden peacock fireguard, the sofas belonging to a time between the modern and the ancient, the boiserie covering all the walls and concealing the location of the doors to the rooms. And then the breakfast room, with its small black marble ovals, a very precious French table and scattering of curiosities chosen with a care that borders on perfection.

Everything at Maison Matilda tells a story – of distant travels, corners of the mind, or emotions – contained within these four Treviso walls that guard the secret of living well.

The sheets are linen, and are made to measure for each different bed. The bathroom linen represents a small cameo by Martin Margiela and the special Ortigia essences for use by the guests bring with them all the warmth and scent of the refined heart of Sicily.

But the main protagonist is you, the customer, at the same time guest and landlord: infinite care is taken over offering you an impeccable service, in a friendly but always respectful manner. Simple but elegant crockery accompanies tea or breakfast time, presented according to wishes and needs with an almost maternal care: “my main concern is not receiving compliments for the beauty of the furnishings, but having guests tell me they slept well”. It is the welcome of Viviana Fernandez, owner of Maison Matilda, a creature she takes care of like a desired and loved daughter.